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Google has a Pixel phone loyalty problem, survey reveals

It seems like Google has a Pixel phone loyalty problem. This is based on a new survey conducted by Statista Consumer Insights, and published by Stocklytics, an analytics company.

Google seems to have a Pixel phone loyalty problem… at least in the US

This survey included 10,000 US smartphone users. The goal is to check how loyal smartphone users are to their current brand. These results won’t really please Google, that’s for sure, as Pixel smartphone users seem to be ready to leave the nest.

According to the report, 57% of Google Pixel owners in the US want to switch to a different brand. Needless to say, that’s quite a problem for Google, as the US is a top market for the company.

Google Pixel phone loyalty problem

This survey did include both Apple and Samsung users as well, and a lot less of them are ready to ditch their current brands. Only 34% of Apple and Samsung users want to ditch their current smartphone brands.

Only 25% of Pixel phone users said that they would stay with the same brand

With that in mind, 25% of Pixel users said that they would stay with the same brand for their next phone. On the flip side, 50% of Apple users said they want to stick with Apple, while 44% of Samsung users said that they want to stick with Samsung.

Google obviously has a brand loyalty problem when it comes to its smartphones. We can only guess why, but Google’s Pixel phones did have tons of problems over the year, so that’s probably at least part of the reason why.

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Connectivity issues have been some of the most prominent problems, but various other bugs (some of which were rather major) certainly left a mark on Pixel users.

Now, do note that this is based on a survey of 10,000 people while there are 310 million smartphone users in the state. So… this is just a tiny portion of it, but the results are alarming nonetheless.

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