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Dr. PONG partners with Flash Bomber Bangkok to launch “Ineffective Dose” Facial Serum – togetherbe

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A new product is creating a buzz and stirring curiosity among skincare enthusiasts in Thailand. Dr. PONG, an emerging skincare brand, has revolutionized the industry by launching its latest product: the “Ineffective Dose” facial serum. This unique formula comes with a bold guarantee: “No matter how much you use, it won’t improve your skin.” It’s packed with high-quality ingredients, but at quantities so low that they offer no benefits whatsoever.


Dr. PONG’s strategy has been called a complete reversal of conventional marketing. Looking back over the past year, there’s been a lot of talk in Thailand about serums containing ingredients in such small amounts that they offer no benefit or skin rejuvenation. Consumers, often unaware of this, don’t get the expected results due to the lack of detailed examination of serum ingredients. This issue has been widely discussed, with many customers unknowingly purchasing ineffective products, sparking a broader conversation about transparency in the skincare industry.

To create this unique concept, Dr. PONG partnered with the advertising agency Flash Bomber, known for campaigns like Heineken Experience Silver’s “The Ads That You Can Kick” and Sunday Insurance’s “Cut Off!” Flash Bomber’s reputation for bold, unconventional ideas made them the perfect choice for this project.

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The result is the “Ineffective Dose” facial serum, designed as a wake-up call to consumers. While it won’t improve skin, it certainly garners attention. Anyone who sees the ad is compelled to read the text again, captivated by the brand’s refreshingly honest and never-before-seen approach. This campaign not only challenges traditional marketing methods but also prompts consumers to take a closer look at the ingredients and doses in the serums they use.

Dr. PONG partners with Flash Bomber Bangkok to launch “Ineffective Dose” Facial Serum

Beyond the audacity required for Dr. PONG and Flash Bomber to disrupt the market, the physical product itself serves as a catalyst for consumer awareness. By encouraging consumers to question and research the ingredients and quantities in their skincare products, this campaign could spark a new level of consumer understanding in Thailand’s skincare industry.

Brand: Dr.PONG
Product: Dr.PONG Facial Serum Ineffective Dose
Advertising Agency: Flash Bomber, Bangkok
Chief Creative Officer: Thanasorn Janekankit
Creative Director: Rattasak Mututanondh
Copywriter: Rattasak Mututanondh / Thanasorn Janekankit
Senior Art Director: Nittaya Chananukul
Agency Producer: Nutcha Mauthorn / Suchaya Panjalak
Account Director: Jitlada Detchuchai
Account Executive: Kulsinee Thatinjan

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