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Google’s new #BestPhonesForever ad features iPhone’s parents

Google has been crushing it with its #BestPhonesForver ads, and the latest one is very entertaining too. In Google’s new ad, you get to meet iPhone’s parents. Yes, you read it right, Google went there.

Google’s new #BestPhoneForver ad focuses on Magic Audio Eraser and features iPhone’s parents

iPhone and Pixel just had dinner over at iPhone’s parents, referred to Mr. and Mrs. i in the ad. Both of them have the look of the original iPhone, basically, which is a nice touch.

In any case, iPhone’s parents talk to Pixel, and say how the iPhone has been talking to them about the Pixel’s Audio Magic Eraser feature. The iPhone said that the Pixel can delete background noise from recordings.

Pixel says that it’s true, and then Mr. and Mrs. i proceed to test that theory. They fire up the blender, a stereo, and more. Then we get to hear the final product, and Mr. and Mrs. i end up being impressed.

Google iPhone parents ad image 1

Audio Magic Eraser is a rather unique feature that Google offers

It’s yet another lighthearted ad by Google in which it takes a dig at Apple… the standard stuff for thesse #BestPhonesForever ads. The point of this one is obviously the Audio Magic Eraser feature.

The video itself has been published on YouTube, and embedded below the article. It has a duration of around one minute, and it’s really entertaining to watch. The video is titled ‘Family Dynamics’, which is quite appropriate.

Google has quite a few of these videos out at this point. Each of which is highlighting one of the Pixel’s features, pretty much. Considering that Google keeps on releasing new software features, there’s always something to highlight.

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If you’d like to check out other #BestPhonesForever ads, you can do so via this link. There are quite a few of them to watch. 18, to be more accurate. We don’t doubt that Google has more in the pipeline.

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