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Galaxy Z Fold 6 cover display tipped to offer symmetrical bezels

A well-known tipster has just shared more information about Samsung’s upcoming foldable. Ice Universe shared an image on X, claiming that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have symmetrical bezels.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6’s cover display is expected to offer symmetrical side bezels

The thing is, the tipster shared an image showing left and right bezels, showing that they’ll be symmetrical, though we still don’t know about the top and bottom ones. Chances are we won’t get uniform bezels, though, but that would be nice. You can see the image he shared below.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 cover display bezels

Either way, it’s nice to see that the side bezels will not only be symmetrical but also thinner (allegedly) than they were on the previous model, even though the difference will be barely visible. That cover display will also be wider than the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s panel, of course.

Samsung is changing the display aspect ratio of the outer display

Samsung is changing the display aspect ratio of the cover display. The phone will have a more natural width this time around, as Samsung is dropping the ultra-narrow shape of the previous models… at least based on rumors. According to one rumor, the display will go from 57mm to 60mm in terms of width.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is also said to have sharper corners than the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The phone is expected to arrive in July, alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6, and the Galaxy Ring.

The rumored launch date is July 10, though Samsung still didn’t confirm it. In any case, the press event is tipped to be held in Paris, France.

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Do note that some additional ‘Fold’ and ‘Flip’ models were mentioned in rumors, but chances are those won’t launch in July. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could arrive alongside the Galaxy S25 in Q1 next year.

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