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StockmusicGPT brings AI stock music

In the age where AI is making it quick and easy to generate content, music has been seeing a lot of attention. Now, there are platforms that allow people to generate music, much to the disdain of musicians and composers. Well, there’s a new tool on the block that lets you prompt music using AI called StockmusicGPT.

AI-generated content is very much a reality in our time, and it’s getting to the point where most of the content we see and hear comes from an AI model. Companies are working around the clock to develop a proper way to watermark AI-generated content. Until then, it’s a gamble.

StockmusicGPT can make music using AIStockmusicGPT logo

It was a matter of time before we got AI-generated music. This time, this is a service that generates stock music. If you know about AI services, you should know how this works. When you make an account, you’ll be able to start typing up prompts. Write what kind of music you want it to make and it will generate the music for you.

It’s pretty straightforward. If you need to refine what it gives you, you’ll just need to change your prompt. Simple as that.

Along with music, StockmusicGPT can also use AI to make sound effects. It’s a tool to get both sound and music for your projects. It’s a tool that can benefit indie creators who don’t have the funds to hire composers or sound technicians. Obviously, any company or creator who could hire a person SHOULD.

In any case, this is a paid platform, so you’re still going to have to shell out some cash. The Lite subscription costs $3.99/month, and it grants you 6,000 Credits per month. That should get you up to about 10 minutes of audio generation per month. Also, your audio can only be up to 30 seconds long.

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The next plan up is the Basic plan ($29.99/month). It grants you 15,000 Credits and 25 minutes of music each month. Tracks can be up to three minutes long. Also, this is the plan that allows you to generate sound effects.

Lastly, the Pro plan ($89.99/month) grants you 90,000 Credits a month, but you still have the three-minute limit. Either way, you will be able to generate more music.

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