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Google’s Discover feed is getting a new Sunrise and Sunset card

The latest tweak to the Discover feed in the Google app is a card for Sunrise and Sunset info. This new item will join the other cards in the current carousel located under the search box and shortcuts. While it is not a life-changing addition, it can be useful for certain situations or use cases.

As its name and description indicate, the Sunrise and Sunset cards will show you the “Sunrise Sunset time for your current location.” And that seems to be it. As with the other cards, you can enable it from the checkbox list. If you received the new option, you will see it among those available after swiping to the last card and tapping on the “pencil” icon.

According to 9to5Google, the Sunrise and Sunset card for Discover in the Google app is not activated automatically, but you must do it manually. Once it’s done, it will be available along with the Air Quality, Finance, Sports, and Weather charts.

The Sunrise and Sunset card for Google Discover is useful for certain cases

Regarding the use you could give to the card data, there are some cases. First, the most common will be when you want to know exactly what time it will start to get dark. However, it can also be especially useful for photographers looking to take perfect photos during the sunset. The card will help you know the ideal time of day to take pics under these conditions. Although there are already dedicated apps for this, it doesn’t hurt to have it available as a standard for quick access.

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Google appears to be working on more cards for Google Discover. Some users received a “Shopping” card this month as a test. Also, the company wants to add a “Notifications” tab in the bottom bar of the app. Lastly, Google recently tested a redesign of the Discover carousel, but they backed out in the end.

Enabling Google Discover Sunrise Sunset card
Enabling Sunrise Sunset card on Discover. Source: 9to5Google

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