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Users are getting shipping confirmations of Find My Device trackers

Google finally launched the Find My Device Network for Android last month and now it seems manufacturers have started shipping the supported trackers. It is worth noting that the launch of the Find My Device network has been slow, but it’s finally happening as Google is widely rolling it out this month with availability in the international markets, too.

Pebblebee and Chipolo were popular hardware manufacturers who promised to ship network-supported trackers this month. They even announced that their trackers would start shipping on May 27. But, now it seems Pebblebee is leading the race to ship trackers.

Find My Device trackers’ manufacturer reportedly sent shipping confirmation to its customer

According to today’s report by 9to5Google, Pebblebee has even started sending shipping confirmations of the Find My Device trackers to its customers. One of the publication’s readers shared the email confirmation that notified their Pebblebee Clip was being shipped. Notably, the confirmation email also detailed the Clip’s USPS tracking number. It’s worth noting that the package hasn’t started moving through just yet.

The shipping confirmation from Pebblebee could mean some users will get their hands on the device before May 27. Besides, several users might get a notification about Clip’s USPS tracking number in a few days, with devices delivered on the said date. On the other hand, Chipolo says that it will be shipping early pre-orders on May 27. However, deliveries of the trackers are likely to take place in June.

Google waited long before it finally launched the Find My Device network last month

The company first announced the network at its I/O developer conference last year. However, the company waited as it gave Apple ample time to implement tracking protection. Just over a week or so ago, Apple has released iOS 17.5 with support for unwanted tackers alerts. So, shipping confirmation from the makers of the Find My Device-supported trackers isn’t a big surprise. All that said, it will be interesting to see the feedback from Android users about the supported tracker devices in general.

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Shipping confirmation sent by Pebblebee
Image credit: 9to5Google

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