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PlayDFAM: Sync your Moog DFAM to your DAW!

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PlayDFAM makes it easy to sync your Moog DFAM to your DAW. But PlayDFAM can do a lot more than that! You can trigger individual steps via MIDI, create arpeggios, and perform live with sequences. There’s even a FREE version!

PlayDFAM: Sync your Moog DFAM to your DAW with ease

Moog’s DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) has many fans. Unfortunately, it isn’t the world’s best-equipped synth in terms of synchronization. The DFAM doesn’t have MIDI and there’s no Reset input either. All you get is an Advance input for triggering the next step.

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That’s where the PlayDFAM plugin by Artificial Audio comes in. In addition to the software, you’ll need an audio interface with DC-coupled outputs. Simply connect one output of the interface to the DFAM’s ADV/CLOCK input and you’re ready to go.

PlayDFAM then syncs your DFAM to your DAW. You can choose from different clock divisions (1/4 to 1/32) and playback directions (forwards, backwards, ping-pong, random). Furthermore, you can specify a delay (positive or negative) to compensate for any latency. The best bit: if you hit stop in your DAW and then restart it, the DFAM will continue from the correct position in its sequence.

But PlayDFAM can do much more. The MIDI section in the bottom half lets you specify a MIDI note for each step of the sequence. This way, you can trigger individual steps via MIDI. The way the DFAM is set up, this means you can effectively turn it into a drum machine with eight different sounds.

In addition to this, PlayDFAM offers an arpeggiator and a Clock&Hold feature that’s great for performing live. Clock&Hold lets you “hold” single or multiple steps by holding down keys on your MIDI keyboard while the sequence is playing, creating arpeggios on the fly. Let go of the keys, and the DFAM will return to its normal sequence.

SyncDFAM is available for free

SyncDFAM: FREE Plugin for Syncing your DFAM

If all you need is sync, you can download the basic SyncDFAM from Artificial Audio’s website for FREE! Like the full version, it offers a choice of subdivisions and an adjustable delay. However, you don’t get the MIDI capabilities of PlayDFAM.

Price and Compatibility

Artificial Audio PlayDFAM is available for macOS 10.11 or higher (native support for Apple Silicon) and Windows 10 or higher in VST, VST3, and AU formats.

PlayDFAM costs $59. SyncDFAM is FREE.

The Moog DFAM is available at Thomann*.

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  • SyncDFAM is available for free: Artificial Audio

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