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Audio Essentials Deals from Elektron, K&M, Millenium and Thon

Audio Essentials Deals from Elektron, K&M, Millenium and Thon  · 

Elektron / Thomann

In this week’s edition of Audio Essentials Deals, you can get discounts of up to 30% on key accessories for your home studio or live rig.

Audio Essentials Deals

From mic stands and cables to protective casings for your favourite gear, we’ve selected some useful items to keep your setup running smoothly. Also, don’t forget that this year marks Thomann’s 70th Anniversary, with a wide range of deals available.

Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at our Audio Essentials Deals selection:

K&M 210/9 Black

The 210/9 mic stand from Konig & Meyer is a more compact and portable version of the popular 210/2. Whether you use it in your home studio, rehearsal space, or at a venue, its rugged steel construction and folding design make it a pleasure to use.

K&M 210/9
K&M 210/9

Starting with its zinc die-cast base, the foldable legs are easily locked into place with the adjustable socket. Furthermore, the 210/9 has a cable clip and its height is adjustable between 0.9 and 1.6 meters.

In addition, the telescopic boom arm system uses a T-bar locking screw for precise adjustment. Here, you can add extra reach between 460 and 770 mm.

Elektron Carry Sleeve ECC-5b

The Elektron Carry Sleeve ECC-5b is the perfect item when you need to take your Model:Samples or Model:Cycles on outings. This sturdy zip-up pouch will protect your baby from dust and scratches, so you can worry about playtime.

Elektron Carry Sleeve ECC-5b
Elektron Carry Sleeve ECC-5b

The pouch has a pocket on the front for stowing the power supply. Meanwhile, there is an additional smaller accessories pouch included which is a perfect size for the cables and connectors you might need.

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With a dedicated home, never again will you be frantically rummaging through your rucksack to find those RCA to Jack connectors before a gig.

the sssnake SXX8030

So you’ve just acquired a new signal routing system for your home studio and now you need to wire it up. Not to worry, your patch bay, summing mixer, or mixing desk can be quickly connected to your audio interface with the sssnake SXX8030.

the sssnake SXX8030
the sssnake SXX8030

This trusty 3-meter multicore snake provides eight channels of connectivity with XLR on either end. Now, you can have quick and easy access to your DAW inputs, when you want to incorporate your hardware processors into your workflow.

As a solution, this will save you money on individual cables and the result is a far less cluttered work environment. In addition, each channel is clearly labelled, so you can quickly wire up or reconfigure it at any stage.

Thon Studio Racks

Whether you’ve run out of rack space or you’re simply looking for a more permanent home for the frequently used hardware in your home studio, the Thon Studio Racks are an excellent choice.

Thon Studio Racks
Thon 12U and 16U Studio Racks

Ranging from 2U to 20U options, you can select the ideal size to house your current armada of rack units, while leaving you some room to grow and expand in the future.

With the open-back design of the cabinets, installation is simple. What’s more, there are versions with angled panels for easy access and wheels that allow you to shift the rack easily when required.

Millenium SD StudioDesks

No matter what size room you’re working in, the Millenium SD StudioDesks can help you maximize your space. With neatly retractable keyboard drawers, you have your MIDI controller at your fingertips in seconds.

  • Millenium SD 120 StudioDesk
  • Millenium SD-180 B

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In addition, you can choose between options that provide 8-10U of rackspace integrated into the design of the desk. This means you can have your essential tools like your patchbay racked up and at the ready whenever you need them.

Available in 1.2 and 1.8-meter options in various colours, the SD StudioDesks are an affordable solution when you want to formalize the hardware workflow of your studio.

More about Audio Essentials Deals:

*Note: percentage discounts on Audio Essentials Deals may vary according to your region and currency conversion rates on the day of purchase. Displayed percentage discounts are guidelines only.

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Audio Essentials Deals from Elektron, K&M, Millenium and Thon

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