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SteelSeries releases limited Destiny 2: The Final Shape gear

While guardians are rightly preparing for their climactic showdown with the Witness in the upcoming Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2, SteelSeries is preparing guardians with its latest lineup of accessories in the new The Final Shape collection. Like past collections that SteelSeries has released these are limited edition items and that means they won’t be around forever. They will, however, be around for a while.

That being said, some of the items may run out of stock rather quickly. Specifically the specialized custom keycap. The first time SteelSeries did one of these was with the Diablo IV collection in 2023. Spoiler alert, the keycaps were gone pretty fast. If Destiny 2 is one of your main games, and you like custom keyboard stuff, you might want to grab the keycap as fast as possible. Included in the collection are five different items. There’s a bundle version of the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless headset, the custom keycap, the QcK Heavy XXL mouse mat, performance thumbsticks for the controller players, and a booster pack for the Arctis Nova headsets.

SteelSeries Destiny 2 The Final Shape Collection (2)

Not all of the SteelSeries Final Shape collection items are available yet

Pricing ranges from $220 all the way down to $30 depending on the item, with the Arctis Nova 7 Final Shape Edition being the most expensive. Worth noting is that if you already have an Arctis Nova headset, you can pick up just the booster pack for $40. Unlike the Diablo IV Edition of the Arcits Nova 7, which had themed detailing on the entire headset, the Final Shape collection model is just a regular Arctis Nova 7 with the booster pack. In short, there’s no reason to get the headset bundle if you already have an Arctis Nova model headset, since there’s nothing different with the design.

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On the plus side, the booster pack also works with the Arctis Nova Pro wireless. And it should look great with the new white model SteelSeries launched earlier this month. Availability on these items mostly starts today. However, some are already sold out. In particular, the keycap and the thumbsticks are both currently out of stock. You can grab these from SteelSeries directly, but the Bungie Store also has them listed, where it shows pre-order only. So you may still have a chance to acquire them if you grab them from Bungie instead.

You can also get the booster pack and the mouse mat from Amazon.

Some items will come with in-game rewards

As has been the case with every limited edition collection the new Final Shape gear will come with in-game rewards. This time around players will gain access to a special emblem called ‘Gearhead’ they can equip. SteelSeries says the inclusion of these items varies by product though. There’s also the Viral Celebration emote that comes with the purchases as well.

SteelSeries Destiny 2 The Final Shape Collection RewardsSteelSeries Destiny 2 The Final Shape Collection Rewards

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