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Quick Share’s new QR Code feature will make sharing files faster

Quick Share is one of the best ways to share files between your Android devices. It will soon introduce QR codes that will make setting up devices for transferring files faster than before.

Quick Share is getting a handy, faster sharing feature

iPhones come with the AirDrop feature, which makes sharing files from your iPhone to another iPhone or Mac a breeze. Quick Share for Android is equivalent to AirDrop, and it makes sharing files from your Android phone to different devices easier.

Currently, when you want to share files using Quick Share, you need to ensure that both the sender and receiver devices are next to each other. Additionally, you must make sure that both are either on the same Wi-Fi network or connected to each other via Bluetooth. While there is nothing wrong with using either of these methods to share files, all these methods are a bit time-consuming.

To help you save time and make sharing files faster and easier, the developers are testing a QR code feature in Quick Share. The feature has been noticed by Android Authority contributor Assemble Debug, and according to him, this change is available in Google Play Services version 24.20.13.

With this feature, you will be able to generate a QR code to initiate a connection. You can do this by choosing the file you want to share, tapping the share button, selecting Quick Share from the list of sharing mediums, and then choosing the Share with QR code option. One important thing you need to be aware of is that you must have Bluetooth and location permissions enabled for Quick Share for the QR code functionality to work.

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QR Code in Quick Share.
Source — Android Authority

When you select the Share with QR code option, the app will generate a QR code, which the receiver can scan to start receiving the files.

When will Quick Share get the QR Code feature?

The developers are currently testing the QR code functionality, and only a limited number of Android users have access to it. There’s no official information on when the developers are going to release this feature to the public. However, make sure to regularly update the Google Play Services app so that you get access to this feature whenever it starts rolling out.

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