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The Galaxy Book4 could come with a Galaxy Tab S9 FE

The hype for the Galaxy S24 phones and the Galaxy Tab S9 tablets has subsided, and we’re not going to hear about the latest foldables for several months. So, while we’re waiting on news for those devices, we’re following developments with the latest slew of Galaxy laptops. According to a new leak, the upcoming Galaxy Book4 will be bundled with the Galaxy Tab S9 FE.

It’s been over a year since we got a new slew of Galaxy Book devices. The incredible Galaxy Book3 computers launched in February last year. Now, we’re following rumors of the Galaxy Book4 Series, and they are shaping up to be some pretty powerful devices. Recently, we got some leaked information regarding these devices’ specs.

The Galaxy Book4 may be bundled with a Galaxy Tab S9 FE

Sometimes, it’s not a device’s specs or design that makes it sell. Sometimes, it’s the deals and bundles. Companies often bundle their devices together to make them a more compelling offering. People like to get discounted items, and when it comes to tech, that is extremely true. The prices of tech are going up, so any deal or bundle is greatly appreciated.

According to notable leaker Roland Quandt, Samsung could bundle the new Galaxy Book4 with a Galaxy Tab S9 FE. While that sounds like a very compelling offer, he noted that he’s not sure which market this will be for. So, there’s a chance that it will not be making it to your market.

Galaxy Book4 Tab S9 FE bundle

The company does bundle these devices together and we are still in the dark about how much it will cost. In any case, we’re certain that the company will be sure to make it a price-conscious option.

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The Galaxy Tab S9 FE (Review) is not meant to be the most powerful tablet, but it’s still a great piece of hardware. It has a great design, a beautiful screen, amazing speakers, and really good performance. Also, it comes bundled with the S Pen. If Samsung plans on bundling these two devices, it will definitely be a great deal.

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