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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7’s fast charging may bring a big upgrade

It seems that the Galaxy Watch 7 will include a faster charging speed as one of its biggest improvements, but not its FE variant. Samsung’s Galaxy FE devices are more affordable versions of mainstream models, like the Galaxy S23 FE.

As spotted by SamMobile, the Galaxy Watch 7 will have a charging speed of 15W. This data appears in its corresponding FCC certification. In comparison, the current Galaxy Watch 6 supports 10W charging. So, the next generation would boast a 50% faster charging speed.

Galaxy Watch 7 would support 15W fast charging

The Galaxy Watch 7’s FCC listing reveals that there are four variants of the device. These are identified with model numbers SM-L305, SM-L300, SM-L310, and SM-L315. Among these, the SM-L305 entry includes support for 5V/3A charging, which translates into 15W. Since the different model numbers are usually regional variants, the other three should support the same charging power.

The current Galaxy Watch 6 takes about an hour and a half to fully charge (0% to 100%). So, in theory, the next generation of the watch should take around 45 minutes to charge under the same conditions. However, the total capacity of the battery will also influence this.

Galaxy Watch 7 FE not getting the Watch 7’s faster charging

This year, Samsung will launch a smartwatch for the first time under its Galaxy FE line. According to the same source, one of the cuts in the Galaxy Watch 7 FE to achieve a more affordable price will be in the charging speed. More specifically, it would support a charging power of only 5W.

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This means not only that the Galaxy Watch 7 FE would not get the faster charging of the standard model, but that it would be even slower than the 10W of the Galaxy Watch 6. The total charging time could extend up to 3 hours, according to these figures.

It’s noteworthy that the 15W of charging corresponds to the vanilla Galaxy Watch 7. It is possible that the more advanced Pro and Classic models support faster speeds.

Galaxy Watch FE Charging

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