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Samsung might stick to grade 2 titanium for Galaxy S25 Ultra

Samsung may use grade 2 titanium for the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s frame, the same as the Galaxy S24 Ultra. At best, it could upgrade to grade 3. The company doesn’t plan to match Apple, which used grade 5 titanium on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Samsung may not improve its titanium grade for the Galaxy S25 Ultra

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first and only Samsung smartphone to feature a titanium frame. The other two Galaxy S24 models still have an aluminum frame. Rumors suggest the story will remain the same next year, with only the Ultra model getting titanium on its body.

In March, a rumor surfaced that Samsung is unlikely to improve its titanium grade. Even if it does, the company won’t go all the way to the highest grade available out there. The same source has now reiterated it, this time with more authority. “Samsung is going to reuse titanium grade 2-3 for [the] Galaxy S25 Ultra,” X tipster @PandaFlashPro posted citing an unnamed industry source.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra titanium grade rumor X

Since the current Ultra has grade 2 titanium, we aren’t looking at a major upgrade here if any. We aren’t complaining, though. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is already built solid. Its titanium finish also feels premium in hand. There is nothing wrong with Samsung reusing the same titanium grade for its next-gen flagship.

Theoretically, grade 5 titanium is more scratch-resistant and has a higher tensile strength than grade 2. This is because it’s essentially an alloy of titanium, aluminum, and vanadium, making it stronger. Grade 2 titanium is a lot purer and less strong. However, drop tests on YouTube have shown that there isn’t much practical difference in the strength of the two grades of titanium.

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If Samsung upgrades to grade 3 titanium for the Galaxy S25 Ultra, it would bring a minor improvement in its overall structural strength and build quality. However, higher-grade titanium is more difficult to mold and costs more to cut and process while manufacturing the phone. It remains to be seen what the Korean form decides. The Galaxy S25 Ultra is still several months away.

Titanium may also come to Samsung’s foldables

After introducing titanium to the Galaxy S line’s Ultra model, Samsung may equip its foldables with a titanium frame. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 could mark the beginning of this journey. Rumors suggest the company won’t treat the Galaxy Z Flip 6 similarly, keeping an aluminum frame. The new foldables arrive in early July, so less than two months to go before their unveiling.

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