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Vermona Bass-Drum and TRANSfourMER: New Eurorack Modules

Vermona Bass-Drum and TRANSfourMER  · 


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Vermona is showcasing two new Eurorack modules at Superbooth 24: Bass-Drum and TRANSfourMER. Bass-Drum turns the kick channel of the popular DRM1 MKIV drum synthesizer into a module. TRANSfourMER is a high-quality output module with four balanced XLR outputs.

Vermona Bass-Drum

Vermona has pulled the kick drum channel from the popular DRM1 MKIV drum synth and turned it into a Eurorack module. However, they’ve added a bunch of features to make the drum voice more versatile in a modular context.

In addition to a V/Oct input with precise tracking over several octaves, Bass-Drum offers three additional CV inputs for the main parameters. DecayPitch, and Wave each have a CV input with an attenuator. In addition to this, there’s a Dynamic input for dynamic triggering. Alongside the Trigger input, the module offers a manual trigger button.

Vermona Bass-Drum is still a prototype. The manufacturer has yet to reveal the price and release date.

Vermona TRANSfourMER

Vermona’s second new module, on the other hand, will be available shortly after Superbooth. TRANSfourMER is a high-quality output module with four balanced XLR outs. This helps to ensure the highest possible signal quality on stage and in the studio. The module is extremely simple and doesn’t feature any level controls. Vermona says that TRANSfourMER always delivers suitable levels at the outputs.

The module uses the same high-quality transformers as Vermona’s TAI-4 I/O module. According to the manufacturer, this helps to protect against ground loops and hum.

Vermona TRANSfourMER will be available soon for €389 (MSRP).

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Vermona Bass-Drum and TRANSfourMER

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