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Prototype Device with Love Hulten Design

Love Hulten Crum2  · 

Love Hulten

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Genius designer Love Hulten has made a “percussive harmonic device” called Crum2 with Analog Sweden and Albert Nyström. Please come to market!

Love Hulten Crum2

Quick, name your favourite industrial designer. If you said Love Hulten, you’re not alone. The artist has built up quite a reputation creating custom designs that recombine existing instruments like the Korg Minilogue into beautiful new space-age creations. 

Now he’s gone and done the design for an original device and he’s showing prototypes at Superbooth24

Called Crum2, it’s a “generative percussive harmonic device” and he’s made it in collaboration with Analog Sweden and Albert Nyström.

Crum Along and Dance

We don’t know very much about Crum2 yet. On his Instagram, Love said he had “two sexxy prototypes up n runnin at Superbooth, drop by!”

Albert Nyström posted that it’s a “generative, percussive, melodic instrument”. Intriguing.

Here are some images of the sexxy Crum2 I snapped off his, Analog Sweden’s and Albert Nyström’s Instagram channels. Don’t they look stunning? I love the retro look. It has all the hallmarks of a Love creation, including the LCD bubble display. The hexagonal drum pads are a nice touch too.

Crum2 Specs

A quick trip to Analog Sweden’s site reveals a page for Crum2 with some tantalizing information:

The prototype device has four channels with six sound engines each. It has both percussive and melodic modes with a master scale, plus an extreme parameter range switch per track. The scale key centre is offsetable per track pitch or relative to the bass channel pitch. 

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Additionally, it has beat generation, step and live record with randomizable patterns and a master offset performance control section. It also has effects: master reverb, delay and drive. 

Love Hulten Crum2
Love Hulten Crum2

Around back, you can find MIDI, CV, separate outs and clock in/out.

Crum2 Guesses

Albert Nyström currently sells a DIY four-voice FM-based drum machine called Crum Drum. It’s a generative drum synth with built-in randomization and probability. If I were to guess (and that is my job), I’d say Crum2 is the next stage in the evolution of the Crum Drum, now incorporating more melodic elements. Is it FM like the original? Who knows?

There’s no word on whether Crum2 will ever make it to production, and if so when and how much it will cost. Here’s hoping it does, and that Love Hulten makes many more products that we can all get our hands on.

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More Information

More Information

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Love Hulten Crum2

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