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Google boasts high usage of Pixel Fold’s split-screen mode

It seems that Google is happy that almost half of Pixel Fold users are turning to the split-screen feature. The brand’s first foldable phone has an ideal format for it. Now, during the Google I/O 2024 conference, the company revealed how popular the feature is among its owners.

The “split-screen” feature has been available on Android for a few years now. It is compatible with all screen formats, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or a foldable device. However, large-screen devices are best suited to enjoying it. After all, using split-screen mode in this type of product can significantly boost productivity. There are even many tablets with a keyboard accessory that turns them into Android pseudo-laptops.

In the case of foldable devices, the expanded internal screen offers an experience more similar to that of a “mini tablet” than a regular phone. Unlike the latter, a tablet or foldable can display two complete apps side by side without having half the UI of the app off-screen. Currently, according to Google, almost half of Pixel Fold users resort to split-screen mode (47%).

“App Pairs” will encourage the use of split-screen mode on Pixel devices

Additionally, Google is working on an option to boost the use of split-screen mode further. This is “App Pairs,” a shortcut that you can set to launch two apps in split-screen mode instantly. This can be especially useful for those who use multiple apps simultaneously. Being able to launch those apps in split-screen mode with one touch saves you the constant gesture of switching between one or the other. This feature first appeared in 2021 but has not been implemented.

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Let’s remember that Android has features such as “drag and drop” to move content (text and media) between apps. So, split-screen mode and being able to launch two apps on split-screen directly are the perfect combo to boost your productivity. Currently, the “App Pairs” feature is available in Android 15 Beta 2, and it is possible that the company will implement it in the stable update. Once available, the number of Pixel users taking advantage of the split screen will probably soar to more than half.

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