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Android 15 will bring a convenient change to your storage screen

When it comes to new platform upgrades, not all changes can be extremely significant. Some of the changes are minor quality-of-life changes that make using the software just a little bit easier. The Android 15 Beta 2 just launched, and people are finding out what Google has planned for the software. According to a new report, Android 15 has a slight change to the storage that will make it a little bit easier to read.

So far, we’re starting to see some interesting changes that will make Android just a little bit better and just a little bit safer. For example, Android 15 will introduce us to a private space feature. This will allow you to take certain apps and media and lock them behind a separate account on your phone. This way, you can keep certain information about yourself private and away from prying eyes. You can lock this account behind a pin, pattern, fingerprint, or face ID.

Android 15 will make understanding your storage just a little bit easier

Again, this isn’t the biggest change. But, it does clear things up a little bit for people looking to see how much storage is being used on their phone. As discovered by Android engineer Mishaal Rahman, Android 15 will change how it displays the system files on your phone.

Currently, when you’re looking at your storage in settings, you will see all of the different types of files in your system taking up storage. The list includes apps, documents, images, games, audio, Etc. Well, one type being displayed is the System file. It shows how much storage is being used by essential system files.

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Android 15 Files (2)

Well, in Android 15, when you go to your storage section, you will see the list of types of files taking up space on your phone. However, below the list, you will see another section titled System. Under it, it will show you the Android version you’re using. Under that, it will show you your temporary system files.

Android 15 Files (1)Android 15 Files (1)

This makes things just a little bit clearer. Now, you can see just how much storage is being used by temporary files. A lot of the time, temporary files can be deleted without any consequence, and they definitely add up. So, if you are hurting for space, you may want to delete some temporary files.

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