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Joranalogue Cycle 5 VCO: Small Footprint, Big Flexibility

Joranalogue Cycle 5  · 

Joranalogue Audio Design

The new Joranalogue Cycle 5 VCO is a workhorse oscillator module that offers plenty of versatility in a compact 6 HP package: variable waveforms, easy tuning, dual V/Oct inputs, and more.

Joranalogue Cycle 5

Joranalogue has brought the new Cycle 5 VCO module to Superbooth 24. In just 6 HP, Cycle 5 offers everything an “everyday oscillator” needs. Joranalogue says that the triangle-core VCO is highly stable and offers a performance you wouldn’t expect from a module this compact and affordable.

Instead of a coarse tune knob, Cycle 5 has a seven-position octave switch. Paired with the fine tune knob and another switch that transposes the VCO up a fifth, this allows for quick and easy tuning. You can also turn it into an LFO with a flick of a switch.

Thanks to dual V/Oct inputs, the module is extremely versatile. For example, you could use one input for a pitch sequencer and the other for exponential FM. Or use both inputs for pitch, with the second one acting as a precision adder for transposition. In addition to this, there’s a Reset/Sync input.

Four outputs carry the four basic waveforms sine, triangle, saw, and variable pulse. Joranalogue says that a newly designed trigonometric waveshaper delivers an exceptionally pure sine wave. The fifth output, labeled Vari, outputs a variable waveform that morphs from sine to triangle to saw to square to a narrow pulse wave. This can also be voltage-controlled, even at audio rate.

With this set of features, Cycle 5 offers plenty of versatility in a compact format. I’m sure this module will pop up in many systems very soon.

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Price and availability

According to Joranalogue, Cycle 5 will come out in the 3rd quarter of 2024. They’ve yet to announce the price.

More about Joranalogue Cycle 5

Joranalogue Cycle 5

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