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Google Sheets finally gets the ability to turn cells into tables

Google Sheets has finally received the much-awaited functionality to convert cells into tables. The new feature allows you to quickly create highly organized formatted tables with just a couple of clicks. Notably, Microsoft’s Excel program already offered the ability to convert a block of data cells into a table for several years now. Google has taken a lot of time to add this feature to its free Excel alternative, which is available for major browsers like Chrome and various hardware platforms.

Google Sheets now lets you quickly convert blocks of cells into tables

The new feature in Google Sheets allows you to quickly turn blocks of data cells into tables with your own filters and sorting rules. People have been requesting Google to introduce this functionality for years. If you’ve received this feature, then you can select a block of data in cells and click Format > Convert to table.

It will automatically create filters for each column, apart from adding visual separators for your rows. You will not have to manually select all the rows and turn them gray to differentiate. Notably, the new feature will also create automatically formatted column types, filters, and drop-down menus. When you convert your cells to a table, Google Sheets will create a name for the table and every column header. These can be used to refer to a table or part of it in a formula.

Once done, you will be able to adjust the type of every column in the sheet to suit the data inside them. The newly created table will also have a unified menu on top with other controls. You can also further customize your table by changing its color, row height, and much more, adds the blog post.

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Google Sheets Convert Cells to Tables

Google Sheets update also brings new view option and pre-built tables

Furthermore, the new update to the Google Sheets brings a new view option labeled “Create group by view”. This functionality lets users group data based on their column filters. For example, you can group all data at the same priority level in a single place.

In addition, Google has introduced pre-built tables, which users can populate with common data types for everyday tasks like event planning, project management, and more.

Google is rolling out the new feature update for the Sheets in a gradual manner. Some users will get access to the new functionality to convert cells into tables by May 30 and all others by June 6. There’s no admin control for this feature and Google Workspace admins can’t disable it in their organization’s shared sheets.

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