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Black Corporation Kijimi MK2 and ISE-NIN Voice

Black Corporation Kijimi KM2 & ISE-NIN Voice & Breakout  · 

Black Corporation

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Everybody’s favourite boutique synth co Black Corp has announced Kijimi MK2 and Eurorack-ready ISE-NIN Voice. Wallet, stand by for a battering!

Black Corporation Kijimi MK2 and ISE-NIN Voice

Superbooth24, what are you doing to me? You know I live in Japan so I’ve already been up all day writing stories in preparation for the show. Now that it’s open for real, there are so many amazing more stories to write. 

First up, this one-two punch from Tokyo-based Black Corporation. They’ve announced the follow-up Kijimi MK2 as well as ISE-NIN Voice & Breakout for Eurorack. Let’s go!

Kijimi MK2

Kijimi MK2 is an eight-voice desktop analogue synthesizer with polyphonic aftertouch, MPE and microtuning. If you know Black Corp you know they do recreations of classic synths, like Deckard’s Dream is the CS-80. Well, Kijimi is the RSF Polykobol II, one of the most sought-after analogue synths in the world.

Black Corporation Kijimi KM2
Black Corporation Kijimi KM2

MK2 “includes all the acclaimed sonic power and character of its predecessor, in an improved package,” says Black Corp. That includes the ability to assign different LFO settings (rate, waveform, envelope, and depth) to each individual destination plus new user banks from Mathew Jonson, Richard Devine and Paul Schilling.

You can preorder it now for $1999 down for an eventual price of $4299. Shipping in July 2024.

ISE-NIN Voice & Breakout

ISE-NIN (styled イセ-ニン in Japanese katakana) is an utterly fantastic eight-voice tabletop analogue polysynth that recalls the Roland Jupiter-8. Much like Black Corp did with Deckard’s Voice, a slimmed-down Eurorack version of Deckard’s Dream, there’s now ISE-NIN Voice & Breakout.

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Black Corporation ISE-NIN Voice & Breakout
Black Corporation ISE-NIN Voice & Breakout

ISE-NIN Voice (36 HP) is a semi-modular complete single voice from the full ISE-NIN. It has two oscillators with multiple waveforms (triangle, ramp, pulse, and square on the VCO-1, with sine and noise replacing triangle and square on VCO-2) plus hard sync. There’s that filter sound, with high-pass filter, low-pass with two slope options (-12dB, -24dB), and resonance. The unit also includes an LFO and two envelopes.

With ISE-NIN Breakout (22 HP), you’ll be able to add a full patchbay to the voice and place every control under one-to-one voltage control

Now available for $999 for the Voice, $299 for the Breakout and $1249 for the bundle.

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More Information

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Black Corporation Kijimi KM2 & ISE-NIN Voice & Breakout

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