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A famous Neve Bus Compressor on a Budget?

Behringer 369: Need a famous Neve Bus Compressor on a Budget?  · 


The Behringer 369 is a budget recreation of a legendary Neve stereo bus compressor, once again giving you access to the inaccessible.

Behringer has built a cult-like following with its accessible vintage synth recreations, but now the juggernaut has pivoted in an unexpected direction. The idea of building a recreation of a $4000 compressor that will cost you less than $500 may sound ludicrous to some. However, could it be just what we’ve been waiting for?

Behringer 369

If you’re unfamiliar with historic compressors, the Neve 33609 was a diode-bridge compressor/limiter introduced in the early 1980s. The layout consists of separate limiter and compressor sections and dual-mono operation, making it an instant hit in broadcast and music production.

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Behringer has carefully reproduced every aspect of this sought-after compressor, from the front panel controls to the transformers that are produced at the Midas factory.

Like the original, the limiter section has a 2-way switch for fast and slow attack times, as well as threshold and recovery time controls. Furthermore, the compressor section gives you the same set of controls with the addition of the ratio and makeup gain controls.

The 369 also offers external CV control, making it a versatile addition to your studio. Use it to compress your drums, shape synth pads, or control the gain structure of your entire mix.

Behringer 369
Behringer 369

Like any bold design, we’d love to hear how it compares to the original. However, even if it doesn’t sound half as good as the Neve 33609, it’s still a versatile compressor that’s easy to operate and affordable enough for most musicians.

Pricing and availability:

The 369 is currently available for order from Thomann.

More about the Behringer 369:

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Behringer 369: Need a famous Neve Bus Compressor on a Budget?

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