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SteelSeries’ new gaming headset brings audio profiles to consoles

SteelSeries has announced a new gaming headset this week called the Arctis Nova 5, and it brings audio profiles to consoles similar to the way you can set them up for PC with the GG software. While you can use plenty of SteelSeries’ headsets on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, one key component that was lacking was any way to change your audio profile to something that was better suited to the game you were playing.

Take the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for example. This headset, when used on PC, can connect to the SteelSeries GG app and from there, you can modify the sound profile to something for the game you’re playing. You do this in the Sonar menu and it amplifies the sounds of various elements based on the game type. For example, there’s a profile specifically for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III that helps boost the sounds of footsteps and bullet fire. This is 100% a modification you would make to be better aware of your enemies on the map. Allowing you to make crucial decision on positioning so you can win more gunfights.

Other profiles exist too, for games like Cyberpunk 2077 or other RPGs where sounds of the environment are amplified to create that increased immersion. Unfortunately, playing any of these games on a console with a SteelSeries headset locked you out of these useful modifications you could make to audio.

The Arctis Nova 5 will remedy that thanks to a brand-new companion app that launches alongside it. And it’s compatible with both Android and iOS.

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The Arctis Nova 5 will come with its own companion app

This is the big feature that will make the Nova 5 a desirable headset to PlayStation and Xbox gamers. The companion app will feature over 100 different audio profiles created for specific games. Worth noting is that certain profiles for one game may still work for another. A profile for Call of Duty may work well in other first-person shooters. As you would generally want the same kind of situational map awareness. SteelSeries says these profiles have been “custom-tailored by audio engineers, esports pros, and game developers.” So these were all created by SteelSeries and its partners.

And because these profiles are all in an app, they can be changed quickly. SteelSeries says gamers can swap them on the fly as needed. All without having to leave the game. Of course, you will need to take your eyes off the game for a moment to interact with the app. That might be a hindrance for some players. But by the sounds of things, switching profiles is easy and you shouldn’t have to look away from the monitor or TV for long.

In terms of sound profiles, you’ll find some for Modern Warfare III, Minecraft, Apex Legends, EA Sports FC24, Diablo IV, and plenty of others.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 5 (1)

Up to 60 hours of battery life plus dual wireless connectivity

While the app is the main draw here, the Arctis Nova 5 is filled to the brim with features. It has over 60 hours of battery life on a single charge. Because when you’re in the thick of a gaming session the last thing you want is the headset to die on you. The headset also has Neodymium Magnetic Drivers, which should provide more clear highs and mids with deeper bass. There’s dual connectivity for the wireless as well. However, this doesn’t work like it does on the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless.

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Here, you can swap back and forth between a 2.4GHz connection and Bluetooth. The headset will not play audio sources from both simultaneously. But it will keep the Bluetooth connection on standby for times when a call might come in. There’s a nifty little button on the headset that lets you quickly switch between those connectivity types too. You also get the ClearCast 2.X mic and the headset works with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC. You can even use it with Meta Quest and PC gaming handhelds like the Steam Deck or ROG Ally. That being said, mobile and handhelds will need to support USB-C for gaming audio.

The Arctis Nova 5 is available as of this week and retails for $130. Making it the “affordable luxury” gaming headset as SteelSeries puts it because of its performance and features at such a low cost. You can pick up the headset from retailers like Best Buy, and directly from SteelSeries.

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