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Google’s ‘Ask with Video’ uses AI and Lens to answer questions

Of all the announcements Google has made with AI today, one of the more useful ones is likely to be a new feature that uses Gemini called Ask with Video. This new feature is powered by Gemini (as most of Google’s AI features are), and it uses a combination of Gemini’s AI prowess and Google Lens to answer questions you may have.

As you may know, Google Lens taps into your phone’s camera to give you information about something in a photo. It’ll serve up relevant information, including Google Search results, based on what’s in that photo. Ask With Video doesn’t really work like that but it does use some of the same tech. It’s actually a more powerful tool. It was announced today at Google’s I/O conference and Google even showed off a little demonstration of how it all works. You record a video, then bring up Ask with Video, and Lens will use Gemini to answer whatever question you have.

Of course, you’ll want the question you ask to be directly related to the video.

Ask with Video can use Gemini to answer questions in Search

Let’s say you have a problem with a piece of equipment you own. This can be anything, but to keep things simple, let’s use Google’s example. You’ve got a turntable and the tonearm won’t stay put. The tonearm is that arm with the needle that extends up and over, then down onto the record. If you’re having an issue with this and it keeps slipping back to its original position, you could record a video and use Ask with Video to figure out what’s wrong. Simply ask, “Why will this not stay in place?” and you’ll get a response with a bunch of Google Search results.

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This could be done for essentially anything. Maybe your PC keeps looping upon attempted startups. So in this case, record a video of this happening, then ask why it keeps happening. The results you end up with should include Google’s new AI overview information. Which Google just started rolling out to all users in the US.

Ask with Video 1

New AI features will arrive in Search in the coming weeks

While AI Overview is rolling out to all users in the US beginning today, some AI features still have a bit of a wait. Ask with Video is among those. Google does confirm that it’ll be arriving soon though. Ask with Video and other new feature will begin to show up in the coming weeks.

However, you can get a head start on trying them out. Google says if you opt into the Search Labs you can be among the first users to give these a go. It did the same thing with AI Overview earlier this year. That being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a full rollout later this Summer.

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