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Frap Tools Bagài and 411: Analog Sample&Hold and Quad VCA

Frap Tools Bagài and 411  · 

Frap Tools

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Frap Tools is introducing two new modules at Superbooth 24: Bagài and 411. Bagài is a multifunctional module that can do anything from analog Sample&Hold to bit crushing and downsampling to random voltages. 411 is a quad VCA and mixer for audio and CV signals.

To get a glimpse of everything you can do with Bagài, just take a look at the demo video below. To start with, the module outputs bipolar random voltages and triggers. Voltages are fluctuating, stepped, and quantized with a selectable bit depth. The clocks, on the other hand, are straight, randomized, or unpredictable “bursts”. That alone opens up many creative possibilities.

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More Information

Through creative patching, you can do a lot more with Bagài. For example, the module also functions as a dual Sample&Hold module with 8-bit quantization. It samples the internal noise source, or you can patch your own source signal.

In addition to this, Bagài can be a voltage-controlled bit crusher for audio signals. As the internal clock goes all the way up to 30 kHz, the module also functions as a dynamic downsampler if you patch an audio signal to the S&H input.

The second new module introduced by Frap Tools is 411, a quad linear VCA for audio and CV signals. The signal and CV inputs are semi-normalled, which means that you can also use the module as a flexible mixer. Signals are passed on to the following channels, provided that no other signals are patched into the inputs there, breaking the normalization. Furthermore, each channel offers a switchable -6 dB attenuator.

Like the popular Frap Tools 321, the new 411 offers two main outputs: All and Unpatched. While All outputs the mixed signal from all channels, Unpatched only carries those channels whose outputs aren’t patched separately. Convenient!

Prices and availability

Frap Tools says that the new modules will begin shipping as soon as Superbooth is over. Bagài costs €250 plus tax. 411 is €110 plus tax.

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Frap Tools Bagài and 411

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