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Google starts injecting Gemini straight into Android

It’s not a surprise that Google is heavily focused on AI. Many tech companies are, that’s for sure. At the Google I/O 2024 keynote, the company mentioned AI 121 times, that’s saying something In any case, during the Google I/O keynote, Google announced that it’s injecting Gemini straight into Android.

Google will start injecting Gemini AI directly into Android with Android 15

This should make Android a smarter OS straight away, and it should keep getting smarter over time. Gemini can now understand the context of you controlling apps on a smartphone much better.

That sounds kind of obscure, though, doesn’t it? What does it mean exactly? Well, first of all, do note that this change will happen with Android 15, of course. It’s not coming straight away.

That being said, this change will basically bring Gemini AI to an app you’re using. Once you call upon Gemini, you’ll be able to request both context-specific actions and queries. This will, of course, be somewhat limited at first, but it should be getting better over time.

Google shared some examples how will this make Android smarter

Google did give out some examples as Google I/O, of course. The company shared an example of Gemini AI pushing generated images into Gmail and Google Messages.

Google also mentioned something called ‘Ask This Video’. This feature will basically allow you to ask questions about a particular YouTube video. Google did mention that this feature should work with billions of videos.

As Gemini AI gets smarter and gets wide access to your app library, it should be able to do very cool things. Google will, of course, keep adding various functionality to the table, which should, in turn, make Android smarter.

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Google did also mention that the Circle to Search is getting a boost on Android. Users will now be able to circle anything on their phone in order to get relevant information. You should be able to do this without switching apps too.

AH Circle to Search Android 15 Google IO 2024 image 1

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