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GForce Software impOSCar3: Bigger, Better, Now With Wavetables







The GForce Software impOSCar3 receives its obligatory update and is all the better for it. Their legendary soft synth is still not a looker though!

As GForce Software works its way through its back catalogue, impOSCar finally gets its makeover. As one of GForce Software’s early soft synths, it has built up a loyal following with many fans of its sound. And it’s a good job it sounds amazing. Like the hardware it emulates so well, it eschews good looks for great sounds.

The GForce Software impOSCar3

But don’t be fooled into thinking that impOSCar3 is merely a cosmetic buff and shine. The third iteration of this most British of synths goes beyond that! First up, the GUI is fully scalable This has always been a bugbear of mine, so to have a crisp, clean impOSCar on my super-wide screen monitor is a real joy.

GForce Software impOSCar3

As you will expect, the browser is now the all too familiar GForce design which makes managing patches a breeze. In fact, the whole UI has been made neater and easier to navigate. Don’t worry, the recreation of the OSCar’s unique black casing remains.

What also remains is impOSCar’s legendary 9-mode filter. A filter so good that Spectrasonics licensed it for use in Omnisphere and Stylus RMX. If Eric Persing gives something his seal of approval, there’s no better testimonial.

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What’s New?

All of GForce’s updates deliver new features and functionality. impOSCar3 is no exception. By far and away the biggest addition to its specification is Wavetables! Featuring as a new oscillator, the wavetable feature gives you access to over 150 preset waves. These can be edited as partials across 256 steps.

GForce Software impOSCar3

Furthermore, you can draw in your own wavetables. It all has a very Fairlight Series I/II Page 5/6 vibe to it all. And I like that. A lot. Purists may scream that this goes beyond the original’s remit. However, it is admirable that GForce haven’t sat on their laurels and phoned in an update. impOSCar3 is such a powerful synth now. I sense that Chris Huggett would be nodding his approval at this.

GForce Software impOSCar3

Also new are 450+ new patches alongside all the previous sound libraries. And as with previous GForce updates, we now have macros. These are just incredibly useful ways to collate a bunch of parameter settings and invoke them with a single control.

There’s a new reverb, a user-designable LFO editor and the ever-useful undo and redo functions.

More Information

GForce Software’s impoSCar3 is available now and, as is always the case, is available for a superb intro price of £59.99 GBP + VAT, rising to £99.99 GBP + VAT when the offer ends. Existing impOSCar owners will benefit from an upgrade price of £29.99 GBP +VAT.

impOSCar3 is delivered as a standalone application and VST/VST3/AAX plus AU for Mac users. Minimum system requirements are macOS 10.15+ and Windows 7+. A limited-time demo version is also available.

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