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Xiaomi’s very first flip phone appears in real-life image

The Xiaomi MIX Flip, Xiaomi’s very first flip phone, has just appeared in a real-life image. In addition to that, the phone was certified by China’s 3C authority, which confirmed the charging information.

Xiaomi’s very first flip phone has just surfaced in a real-life image

Let’s focus on the phone’s design first, shall we? If you check out the image below this paragraph, you’ll be able to see the alleged Xiaomi MIX Flip in the flesh.

Xiaomi MIX Flip real life image leak

Truth be said, this design is not all that surprising. A sketch showing us something similar to this leaked out a while back. As you can see, the phone has two cameras on the back, and they’re laid out horizontally. Next to that, two LED flashes seem to be placed.

Below the camera section, there’s a separate section for the phone’s cover display. That cover display won’t be small by any means, but it won’t be as large as on some other modern flip phones.

Leica branding is visible below the phone’s dual LED flash setup. Those separate camera and display sections do look a bit odd in this color variant. As the upper portion of the phone is white, and the bottom part seems to have a champagne color of some sort.

The phone will offer 67W wired charging, it has been confirmed

Now, in regards to charging, the Xiaomi MIX Flip will support 67W wired charging. That basically means that it will be the fastest-charging smartphone when it comes to flip phones.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is tipped to fuel this smartphone. The device is also expected to include a 50-megapixel main camera, and when it comes to its telephoto shooter, the OmniVision OV60A sensor will be used.

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We’re still not sure when will the device become official, but it’s coming at some point this year. The Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 arrived in August last year, so the MIX Flip could launch alongside the MIX Fold 4 this year. August seems like an ideal time to push both devices out. That’s just a guess, though.

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