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Snapdragon X “Oryon V2” & “V3” may arrive in 2025 & 2027

It seems that Qualcomm is already working on laptop chipsets for the next few years. A recent leak of Dell’s roadmap for its XPS lineup includes mentions of “Oryon V2” and “Oryon V3,” which would be future Snapdragon X SoCs.

Qualcomm has not yet revealed its plans for the upcoming Snapdragon X products. The first generation includes ARM chipsets such as the Snapdragon X Plus and Snapdragon X Elite. As reported by VideoCardz, the company will launch the second generation in mid-2025. Furthermore, the third generation would arrive at the end of 2027.

“Oryon V2” and “V3” would be the next generations of Snapdragon X chipsets

The info comes from a leaked slide that includes future launches in the Dell XPS series. It mentions that the “Oryon V2” series of chipsets will arrive during the second half of next year. Taking into account the naming scheme Qualcomm currently uses, it is possible that the lineup will be called “Snapdragon X Gen2.”

Dell would implement these chipsets in the XPS 14 Huracan series of 2026, which would target a TDP of 40W. The company would also launch models powered by Intel Panther Lake chips. There would also be a Dell XPS 13 Divo that targets a TDP of 20W. In this case, the company would offer models powered by a SoC in the Snapdragon X Gen2 series and Lunar Lake-MX chipsets.

But that’s not all, since the slide includes the possible third generation of Snapdragon X chips called “Oryon V3.” It does not mention which products will be powered by these chips. However, it is possible that they will be present in the 2028 Dell XPS series.

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Qualcomm seems to have well-defined plans for its ARM processors for laptops. The company will seek to establish itself as a real alternative that can compete against the main players in the market. They tout that its current Snapdragon X Elite offers better performance than the Apple M3 chip that powers the latest MacBook Air.

Dell XPS roadmap leak Snapdragon X Oryon V2 V3
Leaked Dell XPS roadmap. Source: VideoCardz

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