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Google’s Gemini to get a ChatGPT-like memory feature soon

Google introduced its most powerful AI-powered chatbot called Gemini in December last year. Ever since the launch, the search titan has been rapidly releasing new features and updates to Gemini to compete with other AI chatbots like Open AI’s ChatGPT. The company is now all set to release yet another huge feature for Gemini in the near future. According to a post on X, Google’s Gemini will soon get a new memory feature.

Gemini will soon remember facts about you to provide more helpful responses

A screenshot posted by Dylan Roussel on X reveals a new user interface in Gemini for the “Memory” feature. The feature will be quite similar to what Open AI’s ChatGPT already offers. The source suggests that the new Gemini memory feature will be rolled out as soon as in the coming days. This functionality will make conversations easier as Gemini will remember the information you shared in chats.

Thanks to the new memory feature, the users will get more helpful responses over time. “As Gemini learns about you, you’ll get more responses tailored to your needs”, reads the description of the new feature. The AI chatbot will remember anything you share in chats, apart from your interests and preferences.

You will not have to repeat a detail that you used in a query earlier. It’s worth mentioning that you will be able to turn off the memory feature or manage information on the Memory page at any time. The upcoming memory UI seen in the screenshot also provides some examples like where you live, what you are studying, and have an allergy to something.

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Google Gemini Memory Feature

Google is testing more features for Gemini

Furthermore, Roussel has revealed that Google is also testing a handful of other features for Gemini. Soon, users will be able to provide longer prompts to offer Gemini more context to deliver better responses. There will be a new custom “Gems” feature, which will allow users to personalize Gemini’s behavior for certain tasks.

In addition, the users will soon be able to upload as many as 10 documents at the same time for Gemini to analyze. Google is expected to introduce all these features at its I/O conference tomorrow, so stay tuned to regular updates.

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