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TikTok will automate the labeling of AI-generated content

TikTok will implement content credentials on the platform to automatically label AI-generated content. The identification of this type of content has become a concern for multimedia platforms such as YouTube. So, some are already promoting the system as a potential new standard for the short-term future.

“Content credentials” is a system that allows adding “tamper-evident metadata” to digital content. This type of metadata can help automatically trace its origin, including whether it was generated by an AI-powered tool. It can be quite useful, especially when the content is generated by third-party AI-powered tools.

Once it is determined that the content was generated by an AI tool, TikTok will be able to automatically label it. This will help prevent cases of potential deception by malicious users, especially in “realistic” content. While the use of AI can often be evident, the content can also be realistic enough to fool the average person.

TikTok’s AI-generated content labeling will be automatic

TikTok’s policies already required content creators to label AI-generated content as such. But without an automated system, it is difficult for the platform to make everyone comply with the guidelines. Now, content credentials will make this task easier.

The implementation of content credentials in AI-generated media is relatively new. In fact, TikTok claims to be the first video platform to implement this system. However, multiple big names are pushing for its adoption as the automatic identification standard for AI-generated content. For example, companies like Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Adobe will implement content credentials as well.

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That said, today, the system is not infallible. OpenAI claims that metadata can be removed from content, even accidentally. They also warned that labeling is useless if users do not know how to interpret it. For the latter, TikTok has committed to digital awareness campaigns about potentially misleading content.

Tiktok AI generated content label
Tiktok AI-generated content label

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