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Google Messages will no longer allow blocked contacts on groups

Google Messages is becoming more and more popular, especially after Google made it mandatory for Android OEMs to have it enabled by default. The developers regularly update the app to ensure the user gets the best out of it. The addition of emoji reaction feature was also a part of its continued improvements. Anyway, Google is once again rolling out a new update to its Messages app. Finding blocked contacts on the Google Messages app is going to be harder, as after updating the app, you will no longer find them on the home screen.

Blocked contacts will be now hidden on Google Messages

If you previously used to block anyone on Google Messages, then even after blocking, the contact used to appear on the group’s chats. But it seems that Google has taken note of it and the firm no longer wants the blocked contact to appear to you the moment you open the app or use it.

In the newest version of Google Messages beta, if you block anyone, the contact will be hidden from the main screen and the group chats. Supposedly, if you block a contact and both of you are part of the same group, then the messages from blocked contacts won’t be visible to you anymore.

Google Messages Blocked Contact Screenshot
Image credit – Android Authority

You would still be visible to the blocked contacts

Interestingly, your messages would be still visible to the blocked contacts and the user would be able to reply/react to your messages in the group chat. This is weird considering you can’t access the blocked contacts message. You see the above attached screenshot from the beta version of Google Messages for more reference.

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Anyway, as mentioned earlier, this feature is only available to beta users. There’s no definite time on when the stable users will grab the update. But it might take a few more weeks for them to completely roll out the update to all the stable users. Also, don’t consider this as the final approach as this is still in the beta phase. The feature might or might not have some changes whenever it comes to the stable build.


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