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ChatGPT may get “Context Connectors” to access your cloud files

ChatGPT users could get the “Context Connector” feature to access files from Google Drive and OneDrive services. This would allow you to attach files and documents directly from the cloud as well.

ChatGPT chatbot is quite powerful and can answer questions of all kinds. It is also quite intuitive to use, constantly receiving improvements. Later this year, the GPT-5 model might make it even better. You can use ChatGPT through the website and from dedicated apps, even for free (with certain limitations).

ChatGPT’s Context Connectors may allow you to upload files from the cloud

ChatGPT is not only capable of answering questions based on text, but also based on files. You can attach a file and write whatever prompt you need regarding that file. For example, you can ask for a summary of a very long document, indicating key points. That said, the company would be working on a “Context Connector” feature that would allow you to send files to ChatGPT directly from cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive.

As reported by legit_rumors and testingcatalog on X/Twitter, ChatGPT’s Context Connector feature is currently functional. However, it’s not yet available to the public, but some screenshots offer a first look at the feature. Basically, the file sharing menu in ChatGPT will receive an “Add from Google Drive” option. In addition to Google’s cloud storage service, you will also be able to link your Office 365 account.

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Context Connectors will make using ChatGPT faster and easier, especially for those who use cloud services to store everything. Currently, they have to first download the file from their cloud account and then upload it to ChatGPT. Once the Context Connectors are available, the previous download of the file will no longer be necessary.

Integration with Nothing OS was in the plans

There are also traces of Context Connectors integration with Nothing devices. However, it seems that it was not completed, although Nothing OS and some Nothing products already integrate ChatGPT elements. For example, there are exclusive widgets to start a chat (with text, voice, and files). The latest Nothing Ear products also allow you to invoke ChatGPT as if it were Google Assistant.

It is not yet known when the Context Connectors will be publicly available. Hopefully, Open AI will announce something about it soon.

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Source: testingcatalog on X/Twitter

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