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Android 15 will have a new magnification gesture for zooming in

Google released the first developer preview of Android 15 in February this year. The first beta version of the OS rolled out to testers in April. The current beta version of Android 15 is 1.2, which was released on April 25. A close inspection of every new beta version reveals more upcoming features in Android 15. A recent report suggested the presence of stable video for third-party camera apps in Android 15. And now, a report indicates there will be a new Android 15 magnification gesture to let you zoom in on the screen more easily.

Android 15 will make it easier to magnify the screen

Google offers the Android Accessibility Suite, which has several built-in accessibility tools. One of these options is the ability to zoom in on the screen. Android currently lets you activate the screen magnification in three different ways. The functionality is found under Settings > Accessibility > Magnification.

One of the options to magnify the screen currently is an on-screen accessibility button. You can press+hold both volume keys at the same time to magnify the screen as well. The third option is quickly tapping the screen three times.

Android 15 magnification gesture new feature

Now, Google is adding a fourth option that will make it easier to magnify your Android device’s screen. In Android 15, you will be able to magnify the screen simply by tapping it two times using two fingers. Looks like the upcoming Android 15 magnification gesture will be the fastest way to zoom in on the screen.

Several upcoming Android 15 features surfaced recently

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we get to know more about the new features of Android 15 with each beta update. The new OS will bring bedtime routines to third-party applications, which is part of the Digital Wellbeing initiative. The popular Pixel Launcher app will get new animations, categorized widget recommendations, and more. These are examples of some of the new features coming in Android 15. We will know more in a matter of days at the Google I/O 2024.

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