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Walmart’s Onn Pro Google TV box gets price and features revealed

Back in April a new Walmart streaming box was leaked and all that was really known about it at the time was that it ran on Google TV, and it was to be a “pro” model with new features, but the leak was lacking any sort of price information. Now the device has popped up again and the official price and features have been revealed. Officially known as the Onn 4K Pro, the Google TV box from Walmart will come with a $50 price tag. It’s a noticeable jump from Walmart’s previous device, but it also comes with new features and a revamped design.

Spotted by 9To5Google, YouTube content creator SuperDell-TV was able to get his hands on the box at a local store. Walmart hasn’t made an official announcement about the device’s release though, so it’s possible this was supposed to be a quiet launch, or the device was accidentally put on the shelves early.

Either way, consumers now know what they will have to pay to get their own. The old Onn box was around $20. It still offers 4K support for content, but it’s missing at least one feature of the new model.

The Onn 4K Pro from Walmart has a higher price because it’s also a speaker

it’s not uncommon to see new models of a particular product go up in price when new features are added. In fact, it’s probably more common than not. That’s the case with the Onn 4K Pro. Not only is it a 4K streaming box with Google TV, but it also doubles as a Google Assistant speaker. The new box comes with a partial fabric top that looks similar to what you’d see with other Google Assistant speakers.

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Another new feature appears to be a button on the back that you can press to find the remote if lost. In the event that you misplace the remote, you can simply tap this button and the remote plays a sound. Not too unlike you’d find with an Android smartphone and a connected smart tag.

The Onn 4K Pro features more ports

Walmart Onn 4K Pro (1)

If you take a look at the old streamer box, you’ll notice there’s only one port. This is for the HDMI cable so you can plug the box into your TV. The Onn 4K Pro has more than just an HDMI port. There’s a USB-A port and an ethernet port. The addition of the ethernet port should be beneficial to anyone who has spotty Wi-Fi in their home. Because this will allow you to hardware the box. There’s also a switch on the side for disabling the mic if you want to turn it off.

Alongside the price and video footage of the design, user @AndroidTV_Rumor on X lists off some of the Onn 4K Pro’s specifications. It’ll have 32GB of storage for apps, as well as 3GB of RAM, and support for both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. It supports Wi-Fi 6 too. In short, this is a substantial upgrade from the older model so a $50 price point isn’t all that surprising.

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