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Apple Wallet pass support in Google Wallet arrives for more users

For a while now, Google has been working on Apple Wallet pass support for its Wallet service. Now, the company is rolling out the feature more widely. However, it will probably take a while for its adoption across all relevant apps and services.

Some Google Wallet users had already received support for “.pkpass” files in March as a test. These types of files are what Apple Wallet uses to read, store, and manage pass data. Now, as spotted by the 9to5Google team, the Google Wallet “.pkpass” file support is going live for more users around the world.

That said, there is an initial problem: the adoption of the new option. Google’s public tests lasted just a few weeks, so it seems likely that not all services had enough time to adapt. However, integrating this feature into Google Wallet en masse will likely help speed up the process.

Google Wallet now supports Apple Wallet passes, but it’s not working everywhere yet

The 9to5Google report indicates that its test results were hit-or-miss. For example, clicking on the “Add to Apple Wallet” button of a parking pass from the Charlotte NC airport allowed the ability to download the “.pkpass” file and import it immediately to Google Wallet. On the other hand, there were cases where the download of the “.pkpass” file was blocked due to a message indicating that it was necessary to use the Safari browser.

This last error will probably be the most common among Android users until the adaptation of apps and services is massive. As a temporary solution, Max Weinbach suggested a workaround that consists of sharing a pass from the Apple Wallet app. After pressing the “share” option, you can choose a messaging app. Once you send the pass, the recipient (which can be yourself) will receive the “.pkpass” file. This way, you can import all your Apple Wallet passes.

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From now on, it is up to the relevant services to adapt to Apple Wallet pass support in the “rival” service. The Mountain View company has already taken the most important step, and all that remains is to wait for widespread adoption.

importing Apple Wallet pass to Google Wallet AH
importing Apple Wallet pass to Google Wallet. Source: 9to5Google

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