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Whatsapp could soon let you disable the link previews in chats

We previously reported a new feature in WhatsApp, where users can protect their IP address in calls. Now WhatsApp is enhancing user privacy further with a new feature in development that gives users more control over their messages.

Reports indicate that WhatsApp is working on an update that will allow users to disable link previews within chats. This new feature named “Disable link previews” is currently being tested in the WhatsApp beta for Android and is expected to roll out to users in the beta program with a future update soon. It will likely roll out to all users once the testing is complete.

Link previews fetch a preview of webpages shared in chats

Link previews are a convenient feature in WhatsApp, automatically fetching a preview of webpages shared in chats. WhatsApp typically relies on its servers to generate these previews. However, they can sometimes expose information before recipients click on the link, potentially leading to clickbait. To address this, WhatsApp is developing the option to disable link previews, giving users the choice to generate previews or not when sharing links. This empowers users to exercise greater caution and protect sensitive information contained within previews.

Previously, the platform introduced features like disappearing messages and call encryption to safeguard user communication. By offering this new option, WhatsApp aims to provide users with more control over their online interactions and the information they share.

Disable link previews in WhatsApp
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However, users will still be able to click the link and access whatever there is

While disabling link previews can mitigate the risk of misleading links, it’s important to note that users can still see the actual URL when a link is shared. Additionally, malicious actors might use deceptive link shorteners to bypass this control. Nevertheless, this added layer of control enables users to be more cautious and make informed decisions about the links they click within WhatsApp chats.

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The upcoming update is currently in the development stage in the WhatsApp beta, with no announced release date yet. Once implemented, users can expect to find the option to disable link previews in their WhatsApp settings. This feature is part of WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to prioritize user privacy and security. Nonetheless, even with the link previews disabled, users will still continue to see link previews from their contacts unless they disable it on their end.

Aside from the privacy features, WhatsApp is also working on improving the functionality of the app. You will soon be able to share a 1-minute video on your status.

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