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Samsung Health gets new Medications Tracking Feature

Samsung has announced that it is adding a new Medications tracking feature to Samsung Health for its Galaxy range of devices, this new featurer will allow uyou to track your medication and manage your health.

Upon entering the name of a select medication into Samsung Health, the Medications feature will provide users with detailed information that includes general descriptions as well as possible side effects. Adverse reactions that could occur from drug-to-drug interactions or if taken alongside certain food and substances such as caffeine and alcohol, are also provided. One example of this is, if a user is taking the prescription drug Simvastatin, Samsung Health will warn the user that the drug has been linked to serious side effects when combined with grapefruit juice. Users can even log the shape and color of their medications, allowing them to easily differentiate between the pills they are taking. Dosage, time of consumption and other details can also be added to avoid any potential confusion.

Users can set up alerts that remind them both when to take their medications and when they should consider refilling them. These alerts are fine-tuned to the individual user so the Medications feature is able to prioritize medications depending on their importance, with Samsung Health sending reminders ranging from “gentle” to “strong” depending on how important or urgent a given prescription is. For crucial medications, users can set a “strong” reminder that will display a full screen alert on their smartphone accompanied by a long tone. For supplements like vitamins, a simple pop-up reminder will appear that will not disturb the user. Galaxy Watch users will also receive reminders right on their wrist so they can stay on top of their medication schedules, even when away from their phones.

This could be a really useful feature and could help older users remember to take their medication when it is required, you can find out more details abotu the new Medications feature for Samsung Health at the link below.

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