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Sharkoon SKILLER SGK20 gaming keyboard

Sharkoon has introduced a new gaming keyboard to its range in the form of the SKILLER SGK20. A new mechanical gaming keyboard from Sharkoon that has been designed with both the avid gamer and the frequent typist in mind, offering a blend of performance, customization, and practicality.

Design-wise, the SKILLER SGK20 stands out with its minimalist, rimless aesthetics and a full three-block layout. This design approach not only gives the keyboard a sleek and modern look, but it also ensures a compact footprint on the desk. An additional practical feature is the integrated cable channel on the underside of the keyboard, which allows for tidy cable management, thus maintaining an uncluttered gaming or working space.

The SKILLER SGK20 keyboard offers a choice between two types of switches: red or brown. These switches are sourced from Huano, a reputable manufacturer known for the quality and durability of their products. The red switches, characterized by their linear properties and silent operation, are ideal for frequent gamers who require quick and quiet keystrokes.

On the other hand, the brown switches, with a perceptible actuation point, cater to those who do a lot of typing or are occasional gamers. Regardless of the choice, both types of switches guarantee an operating life cycle of 20 million keystrokes, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

Sharkoon SGK20 gaming keyboard

The SKILLER SGK20 also offers RGB illumination, a feature that has become almost a staple in gaming peripherals. What sets this keyboard apart, however, is the degree of customization it offers. Users can fully personalize the keyboard’s RGB illumination via downloadable software, adjusting aspects such as color, intensity, and brightness. Moreover, the software comes with 18 pre-programmed lighting effects, adding a dynamic visual element to the gaming experience. Customizations can be saved in different lighting profiles, allowing users to easily switch between their preferred settings.

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“The Sharkoon SKILLER SGK20mechanical keyboard combines a slim design with wide-ranging functionality. Equipped with durable, mechanical switches and a polling rate of 1,000 Hz, the SKILLER SGK20 is ready for quick-reaction gaming. The keyboard’s rimless look will stylishly suit all kinds of setup, while its integrated cable channel will help to keep things in order.”

In addition to lighting customization, the software also allows for the creation of up to 20 game profiles. These profiles bundle personal settings and recorded macros, enabling users to quickly select their configuration based on the game, genre, or work application. This feature enhances the keyboard’s versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of uses beyond gaming. The SKILLER SGK20 is now available to consumers, with a suggested price of €39.90. This competitive pricing places it within reach of a broad spectrum of users, from casual gamers to dedicated enthusiasts, and from students to professionals.

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGK20 gaming keyboard is a well-rounded peripheral that offers a blend of performance, customization, and practicality. Whether it’s the choice of switches catering to different user preferences, the extensive RGB illumination and software customization options, or the handy cable management feature, the SKILLER SGK20 is designed to enhance the gaming experience while also catering to everyday typing needs. All these features, combined with its competitive price point, make the SKILLER SGK20 a compelling choice for those in the market for a new mechanical gaming keyboard.

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