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YouTube will push Shorts in a new carousel on the web

The vertical scrolling video feed war rages even on even though TikTok faces ban in the United States. YouTube’s vertical scrolling videos are called Shorts, and the company has been finding ways of squeezing them into more corners of the YouTube experience. According to a new report, YouTube will push Shorts in a new horizontally scrolling carousel on the web.

YouTube Shorts are extremely easy to access on the YouTube app. They have their own dedicated tab on the bottom bar and you can see them occasionally posted as blocks in your main YouTube feed. YouTube even made it easy to access Shorts via YouTube TV. So, it’s clear that the company is looking for more ways of pushing its Shorts. This is fortunate for people who create Shorts, as we recently got the news that a quarter of YouTube Shorts creators are making ad revenue.

YouTube has a new horizontally scrolling carousel for Shorts on the web

Currently, when you go to the YouTube website, you will see the typical selection of both videos and Shorts. You will see the feed of your regular videos followed by a horizontally scrolling feed of Shorts under them, and those alternate.

Well, according to a new report, YouTube is testing yet another way to view Shorts. The company may show Shorts in a little sidebar while you’re viewing a video.

When watching a video, we are used to seeing the vertically scrolling feed of video recommendations on the right side of the screen. Well, looking at the screenshot below, we see that YouTube will cut out a space in this feed for a collection of Shorts. It looks like this feed will be close to the top of the screen. We will see three Shorts on the screen with a little arrow on either side of the feed to scroll.

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YouTube Shorts carousel

If you switch to theater mode, it won’t hide the carousel. In fact, it will just shift it lower. So that it is still visible to the user.

Right now, it looks like the company is testing this on a limited number of accounts. So, there’s no telling when more people will see this new feed.

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