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YouTube VR brings 8K video streaming to Meta Quest 3

Earlier this month, the Meta Quest 3 headset was reported to receive the lying down mode with the Meta Quest OS v64 update. This feature makes it more comfortable to work with more static content such as streaming videos.

HDR videos on Meta Quest 3 are currently only available in 4K

Now, with the latest 1.54 version update of the YouTube VR app, Meta Quest devices get the ability to play 8K (4320p) videos. However, 8K videos are limited to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content. The update is also only available to the Meta Quest 3 as of this writing. So, Meta Quest 3 users with YouTube VR app version 1.54 or above can now enjoy SDR videos in 8K resolution.

You can search for 8K videos on the YouTube VR app and play one. You will then need to go to the video settings and set the resolution to 4320p. HDR (High Dynamic Range) videos won’t show the 4320p option, at least for now. Notably, you can stream 360-degree 8K videos as well. Although, there isn’t a ton of of 8K content on the platform yet.

Reportedly, the support for 8K videos on YouTube may not come to the previous two Meta Quest VR headsets due to their lower screen resolution. An 8K image is roughly about 33MP. The Meta Quest 3 offers a screen resolution of 2064 x 2208 pixels. It’s still only about 4.5MP but as Ars Technica noted, it’s a “huge leap” as compared to its predecessors. Speaking of the predecessors, the Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest Pro, the screen resolution is 1832×1920 (only about 3.5MP). The computing power of the older chips may also be insufficient to support the new feature.

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Despite the lower resolution, 8K videos appear relatively sharper on Quest 3

It’s important to note that the display in the Meta Quest 3 also has a much lower number of pixels than what’s required for representing an 8K image or video properly. It’s even lower than 4K. However, as Nicholas Sutrich from Android Central noted, it still offers a clearer image.

The Meta Quest headset boasts the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset, which according to Qualcomm, offers a 2.5x boost in GPU performance. Alongside these improvements, Meta is also working on a new product to enhance classroom learning with its Quest headsets.

Meta Quest 3 8K streaming on Youtube
Credit: Android Central

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