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YouTube Music rolls out redesigned share sheet for Android users

YouTube Music is getting a redesigned share sheet on Android. The new layout looks more organized and takes up substantially less screen space. The change seems to be rolling out widely via a server-side update from Google. The iOS version of the music streaming app has already picked up this redesign.

YouTube Music for Android gets a custom share sheet

Google uses a custom design language for YouTube apps, slightly different from other Google apps. Until recently, the Share button in YouTube Music brought up a massive sheet that covered about two-thirds of the display. The grid-based sheet showed target apps in three columns, with a “Copy link” button as the first option. You could swipe up to see more apps.

With the latest redesign, the YouTube Music share sheet is about half of what it used to be. It’s a carousel layout with five targets on top, though you can swipe left to find more apps. The top carousel is followed by buttons to “Copy link” and “Share with other apps”. The latter option pulls up the system share sheet where you will find your frequent contacts and more target apps.

The overall design is similar to the YouTube share sheet, though the latter has rounder corners instead of an edge-to-edge box. This update makes the share sheet on YouTube Music look more organized. It also makes for a more comfortable one-hand usage. However, if you frequently share music across multiple apps, you might find it a little annoying.

YouTUbe Music share sheet redesign Android

The custom share sheet for YouTube Music is rolling out widely on Android. It is available with version 6.44.54 of the app for us, though the change seems to have rolled out via a server-side update. If the redesign hasn’t shown up for you yet, wait a few days. You can also check for updates for the app on the Google Play Store. You should always keep apps updated.

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YouTube Music is also testing a redesigned Cast UI on Android

Google also plans to redesign YouTube Music’s Cast UI on Android. It is testing a new bottom sheet with rounded corners. You get a list of suggested devices at the top, followed by other devices. The current layout has a centered box with all of your devices showing up on the same list. It is unclear when this redesign will be available publicly. We will let you know when we have more information.

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