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Why Louis Vuitton’s Price Tag is So Worth It!

Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has been associated with high quality, class, and sophistication. But when you start discovering their latest collections, you can feel like the money isn’t worth it, especially with fast fashion on the rise and trend cycles becoming so short. 

In truth, whether or not you want to justify the cost comes down to your reasons and opinions, but there are some important reasons for the cost associated with the bags that you should be aware of.  

Costs That Add to The Price of A Luxury Bag

Louis Vuitton Uses Top Materials

One large reason people are happy to pay higher prices for Louis Vuitton is because of the quality. This begins with the use of fine materials. The hardware used is always brass or gold, and only the best leather is used. Add to this the use of the same quality canvas Louis Vuitton used when it first opened, and you have a recipe for success. 

Louis Vuitton is 100% Handmade

Louis Vuitton only trusts fine craftsmen trained for over a year to make their luxury leather goods. Making a Louis Vuitton bag by hand takes over 100 steps, which means one bag may take a few hours to make. When you spread this out over 20 Louis Vuitton workshops worldwide, you get a business that has handmade goods and craftsmen doing what they do best and has done for years without outsourcing to countries with cheap labor laws. 

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Demand for Louis Vuitton is High

Over the years, Louis Vuitton has weathered many worldwide events to create a brand that is truly in demand from all ages. This takes a lot of work from the brand. After all, they are the most counterfeited brand in the world, with many cheaply trying to duplicate their stylish monogrammed leather. 

This demand can only be built with a good brand reputation and time. Of which, Louis Vuitton has over 180 years in the market.

Louis Vuitton’s Marketing is Costly

Much of the demand Louis Vuitton has comes from its decades of marketing over the years, building up the brand name into one of the most trusted on the market. These campaigns often feature high-end celebrities and cost millions per year. Although it may seem like overkill, this is what gives these luxury items a high-end feel.

Louis Vuitton is Worldwide 

Louis Vuitton invests a lot in having storefronts worldwide. Although having an online shop is the trend right now, given the cost of their bags, Louis Vuitton knows that nothing beats seeing the goods in person. This is another reason why their costs are so high, all of their shops are in high-value locations that match the bag’s value, so they attract the right buyers.

Louis Vuitton Doesn’t Do Sales

Despite all these factors, Louis Vuitton is not known for offering flash sales or discounts. Instead, their business model is all about making bags in limited quantities so that they are more exclusive, after which the style is discontinued, and new options are designed. Despite this, some very popular bags remain popular despite being sold out, but they still won’t go on sale. Previously the bags remained at a similar price, but recently there have been a few regular price increases. 

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After reading all of this, if you’re ready to invest in Louis Vuitton’s many offerings, you can find them right here.


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