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WhatsApp to soon add locked chats support to linked devices

WhatsApp is likely the messaging app that most people use widely. Meta updates the app constantly to increase the user experience and privacy. Last year, it added a new feature that allows its users to lock a specific chat instead of the whole app. The addition of chat lock was highly requested by users, and now, Meta is making further upgrades to the feature. We may soon see the chat lock on linked devices as well.

WhatsApp chat lock is soon coming to linked devices

Last year, when WhatsApp added support for Chat lock, users appreciated the move. However, the support for chat lock was limited to smartphones only. If you use your account on WhatsApp Web or any other linked device, then anyone can access your chats because these devices do not support chat lock.

WhatsApp Chat Lock Image

But it seems that WhatsApp has finally taken note of it, and according to WABetaInfo, it is working to add support for chat lock to linked devices as well. The feature is already live for WhatsApp Beta for Android V2.24.8.4. Since the company has already added the feature to the beta version, it’s reasonable to expect its addition to the stable version very soon.

If you want to add chat locks to your linked devices, then you will have to configure a secret code via your primary device. You can create the secret code directly from your primary device. When you add it to your linked devices, it automatically locks your selected devices.

You will be soon able to privately mention a contact on WhatsApp Status

Apart from the chat lock, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that lets the user mention a specific contact on their status. This is going to be very similar to Instagram stories, where you can mention a particular account.

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However, there’s one big difference. In the case of Instagram, if you mention someone, other followers of your account will still be able to see the stories. But in the case of WhatsApp, the status would be only visible to the mentioned contacts. The person will also receive a notification each time you mention them.

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