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WhatsApp to expand authentication options for Android users

To beta testers out there, WhatsApp Beta has now been leaked with a new feature that gives Android users more authentication options to work with. This means that the app can unlock in several different ways other than just biometric detection such as fingerprint, face recognition, or using your device code.

WhatsApp planning to add more authentication features to Android devices

WhatsApp previously allowed only for biometric authentication thereby barring users who preferred other methods or had no biometrics capabilities on their devices. The intention of expanding the authentication options is to cater to various types of devices among different users according to WhatsApp.

The addition of extra secure identification systems is an important development in preserving user confidentiality and saving private information. By having numerous authentication alternatives, this not only improved flexibility but also made it harder for unauthorized people to access one’s account thus strengthening the overall security.

Furthermore, the new feature will help people with problems related to damaged or malfunctioning biometric sensors. WhatsApp has taken into consideration alternative ways of authentication like the device passcode so that individuals facing similar difficulties are still able to log into their accounts safely.

However, with the recent version, the updated one can cause app crashes for some users as depicted by WAbetainfo’s post X. Therefore, it is inadvisable to install this version. It may not fully support all kinds of devices just yet. Instead of this, they should just wait for the next mainstream update that might be coming up and will provide a solution to crashes.

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Authenitcation featurues Whatsapp beta
Credits: WABetaInfo

Availability details for the new authentication features

WhatsApp recently introduced an improved app lock feature that offers better security and flexibility in application authentication. Currently, beta testers who have installed the latest updates from the Google Play Store can access this feature.

Once enabled, biometric authentication like face ID touch ID, or PIN should be there to get inside the app using the app lock feature. If you are afraid of unauthorized entry into your private posts and details, then this upgrade is a positive thing for you.

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