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What’s new in watchOS 10.4 RC (Video)

If you’re keen on staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in wearable technology, you’ll be thrilled to learn about the recent rollout of watchOS 10.4 RC. This should be the same version of watchOS 100.4 that is coming next week, bringing with it a slew of features, enhancements, and fixes that promise to elevate your user experience. Let’s delve into the nuances of what this update entails and how it stands to benefit you.

The size of the watchOS 10.4 update varies depending on your current version. For those who have been partaking in the beta testing, the update is a compact 256 MB. However, for first-time updaters, the size ranges from a heftier 600 MB to 950 MB. This release is part of a comprehensive update strategy by Apple, which includes updates across its ecosystem, such as Vision OS 1.1 RC, tvOS 14.4 RC, macOS 14.4 RC, and iOS 17.4 RC.

Upon updating, you’ll be greeted with a fresh splash screen, an indication that new experiences await. Here are some of the key highlights from the update:

  • A Warm Welcome: Some users might receive a pop-up message post-update, enhancing the welcoming experience.
  • Snoopy Watch Face: Just in time for spring, enjoy updated animations and more vibrant colors with the new Snoopy watch face.
  • Emoji Updates: Express yourself with seven new emojis available on both iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Apple Vision Pro Support: For those using the Apple Vision Pro device, there’s now an option to ignore double taps, making interaction smoother.
  • Siri Enhancements: Siri now can read messages in different languages without the need to change the primary language setting, along with health-related updates and simplified activation for German users.
  • App Alternatives: You now have the flexibility to set alternative applications for the default Wallet app in selected regions.
  • Enhanced Notifications: Managing notifications is more intuitive, allowing for expansion with a double tap.
  • Apple Pay and Assistive Touch: Enhancements have been made to make transactions more secure and user-friendly.
  • Fixes and Improvements: The update addresses self-activating touches, connectivity issues, and synchronization problems, ensuring a smoother experience.
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This mix of aesthetic improvements, functional enhancements, and fixes aims to address common user issues while introducing novel features that enrich the Apple Watch experience. Apple continues to demonstrate its commitment to refining its software, prioritizing compatibility, and seamless integration across its device ecosystem.

Whether you’re an avid Apple Watch user or considering joining the community, watchOS 10.4 RC offers compelling reasons to make the update. Its focus on enhancing user interaction, expanding functionality, and improving overall system stability underscores Apple’s dedication to delivering an unmatched wearable experience.

As you explore these new features and changes, you’ll likely discover ways they can integrate into your daily routine, making your Apple Watch more personalized and capable than ever before. Remember, keeping your device updated ensures you’re taking full advantage of all the latest improvements and security enhancements Apple has to offer. The final version of watchOS 10.4 is expected next week.

Source & Image Credit: Half Man Half Tech

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