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What’s new in iPadOS 17.4 (Video)

We previously saw a video of the new iOS 17.,4 software in action and now we have a video of iPadOS 17.4, this new video is from 9 to 5 Mac and it gives us a look at the new features that Apple has introduced with their latest iPad update.


You’ll be pleased to know that the home screen of your iPad is getting more personal and visually appealing. The introduction of the “City Digital” clock widget allows you to display the time for various cities around the globe. What’s intriguing is that the widget changes its color based on the time of day in the selected city, adding a dynamic visual element to your iPad’s display.

Communication on your iPad just got richer with the addition of six new emojis. Whether you’re feeling as free as a phoenix, as strong as a breaking chain, or simply want to express disbelief with a shaking head emoji (now in two variations), these new symbols provide more ways to convey your emotions. Not to forget, the new lime and mushroom emojis add a fun twist to your conversations.

The Apple Podcasts app receives a noteworthy upgrade, introducing live transcriptions. This feature mirrors the lyrics functionality in Apple Music, offering real-time, accurate transcriptions of podcasts. This not only boosts accessibility but also engagement, making podcast content more accessible to all. Additionally, the app’s interface refresh, which renames the “Now Listening” tab to “Home,” simplifies navigation.

The update also brings a delightful tweak to full-body emojis, which can now switch directions. This effectively doubles the customization options for these emojis, allowing you to add a personal touch to your messages.

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Siri’s capabilities are expanded to enhance the messaging experience on your iPad. An option to automatically send messages without confirmation and to read messages in the sender’s language (if supported) is now available. These improvements underscore Apple’s commitment to making technology accessible and convenient for everyone.

The update doesn’t shy away from addressing the battery life of the M1 iPad Pro, particularly when undertaking intensive tasks such as video editing with external accessories. It raises a wish for the extension of iOS 17.4’s battery health features to iPadOS, hinting at what might come in future updates.

The new iPadOS 17.4 and iOS 17.4 software updates are now available for the iPad and iPhone, you can install these updates by going to Settings > General > Software update on your device.

Source & Image Credit: 9 to 5 Mac

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