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What’s new in iOS 17.4 (Video)

The new iOS 17.4 software update is finally here, we have been hearing about this update for some time and now it is available to download, it brings a wide range of new features to the iPhone. Apple also released iPadOS 17.4 at the same time and now we have a video from Zollotech that gives us some more details about what is included in the latest iOS update.

This update is packed with enhancements that touch on almost every aspect of the iPhone, from core system functionalities to app-specific improvements. If you’re curious about what this new update entails and how it can enhance your iPhone usage, let’s dive into the details.

First and foremost, iOS 17.4 introduces a modem update specifically designed to tackle connectivity issues that some users have encountered with previous versions. If you’ve experienced sporadic signal loss or connectivity problems, this update might just be the fix you’ve been waiting for.

For iPhone users in the EU, iOS 17.4 brings a significant change with the introduction of side loading capabilities, allowing for alternative app stores and browser options that don’t depend on Safari’s engine. This update aligns with EU-specific regulations, offering features like alternative in-app payment methods and third-party notifications for apps. It’s a step towards more freedom in choosing how you interact with your iPhone, opening up a range of possibilities for customization and app usage.

iPhone 15 series users have something to look forward to in the battery department. The updated settings include detailed information on battery health, such as cycle count and maximum capacity. Moreover, Apple has doubled the battery cycle count threshold for these devices, aiming to extend the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery significantly.

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The Music and Podcasts apps have not been left behind. The Music app now boasts a “Home” tab and lets you add recognized songs directly to playlists, enhancing your music listening experience. Meanwhile, the Podcasts app introduces a floating play bar and episode transcripts, making it easier to interact with your favorite podcasts and improving accessibility for all users.

Emoji enthusiasts will be thrilled with the range of new emoji introduced in this update, along with the implementation of a new encryption standard for iMessage, named pq3, that bolsters the security of your messages.

iOS 17.4 also enriches the Messages app with new features for business interactions, while Siri has been enhanced to support multilingual users better, including the ability to read messages in the language they were sent. This update brings a more inclusive and user-friendly experience, recognizing the diverse needs of iPhone users worldwide.

Additionally, various apps including Shortcuts, App Store, and Apple Wallet receive updates with new functionalities. Notably, the Wallet app now supports virtual card numbers for Apple Cash transactions, and the App Store has been revamped to offer a clearer view of app and purchase history.

General performance improvements are also part of iOS 17.4, promising a smoother operation and faster app loading times. Security enhancements are included as well, with detailed information available in Apple’s security update documentation.

iOS 17.4 is more than just an update; it’s a comprehensive enhancement of the iPhone experience, bringing new features, improved performance, and increased security. Whether you’re in the EU or elsewhere, this update offers something for every iPhone user, addressing specific regulatory requirements while delivering global improvements.

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Source & Image Credit: Zollotech

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