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Waveshare Raspberry Pi Zero Expansion Board, $15

For those of us grappling with the constant shortage of Raspberry Pi computers, you’ll be happy to know that relief has finally arrived. Introducing the Waveshare Raspberry Pi Zero Expansion Board, a precision-engineered solution to rejuvenate your Raspberry Pi Zero into a full-fledged Raspberry Pi mini PC. Aiming to mimic the original look of the Raspberry Pi 3B series as closely as possible, this expansion board promises a more cost-effective alternative.

On the Network Profile website, SpookyGhost states:

“I needed another Raspberry Pi for a project, but with limited availability I couldn’t find one. The project doesn’t need a very fast CPU, but it should have ethernet. I have an old Raspberry Pi Zero W, but being limited to wireless is a real problem. I also need to mount something on the GPIO pins, and there isn’t enough space for that in the Raspberry Pi Zero cases. That’s when I found the waveshare adapter board, which turns your Pi Zero, into a full-size Pi with ethernet For $22 from Amazon, or a little cheaper from their website.

Raspberry Pi Zero expansion board

Raspberry Pi Zero expansion board

The Waveshare expansion board features an array of connectivity options, ready to meet your every need. First, it is equipped with a four-channel USB interface, which eliminates the inconvenience of a limited number of ports and facilitates simultaneous connections. And if you’re worried about transmission compatibility, worry no more; It is compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 standards.

For those who engage in surfing marathons or intense online gaming sessions, the Waveshare Raspberry Pi Zero expansion board Have you covered with a 100m ethernet port. Note, however, that the Ethernet port does not support Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality. For multimedia enthusiasts, the HDMI port would be a welcome addition, allowing seamless connection to monitors for the best video and audio output.

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Raspberry Pi expansion board

Compatibility with Pi 3B series hats

If you’re wondering how compatible this new expansion board will be with your existing hardware, you’ll be happy to know that it integrates seamlessly with Pi 3B series top-attached devices (HATs). With its GPIO header similar height to the 3B series, connecting to 3B series HATs or even launching into new development projects is easy.

Key Features

Here are the salient features that distinguish this expansion board:

  • It is designed to perfectly fit your Raspberry Pi Zero, thanks to its specially designed connectors.
  • Ensures compatibility with the interfaces of Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B + boards.
  • It provides the same GPIO header height as 3B, making it easy to connect with 3B series HATs or development projects.
  • It features 4-channel USB ports compatible with USB 2.0 / 1.1 transmission.
  • It includes a built-in RTL8152B Ethernet chip, supporting one RJ45 Ethernet port with 10/100M adaptive capabilities.

With the current scarcity of Raspberry Pi computers, the Waveshare Raspberry Pi Zero Expansion Board offers a cost-effective and resourceful solution. From the USB ports to the Ethernet port, and even compatibility with the Pi Series 3B HATs, this expansion board is indeed a viable option for all tech enthusiasts seeking to maximize the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Source: Hackaday: Network profile: Waveshare

Image source: network profile

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