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Waterdrop launched, A1, the all-in-one solution for hot and purified cold water

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A drop of waterWaterdrop A1, an innovative water technology company, is proud to release its latest flagship product, the Waterdrop A1 The official online store. It is an all-in-one countertop RO dispenser that produces purified water, cold water, and hot water in one device. Featuring 1 second instant cooling, the A1 is equipped with a refrigerator-grade compressor and sets a new standard in cooling performance, producing water as low as 41°C.

A1 water drop

Pure hot and cold water in one

As one of the few reverse osmosis water dispensers on the US market equipped with refrigerator-grade compressors, the Waterdrop A1 sets a new standard in terms of cooling efficiency. It delivers water quickly at an activation temperature as low as 41°C, while the regular counterparts on the market can only produce cold water as low as 59°F. Therefore, the Waterdrop A1 is ideal for quenching your thirst on a hot day or enjoying a cool drink. Efficient cold insulation and 3 times faster cooling speed ensure a constant supply of cold water when needed.

Waterdrop A1 easily delivers hot water for various purposes in 3 seconds. It has fast heating capabilities, allowing you to prepare tea, coffee or hot drinks with ease. The distributor ensures that the water is heated to the required temperature, which saves time and the need for a separate boiler.

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Zero installation to be placed anywhere

Offering a hassle-free solution to clean drinking water, Waterdrop A1 requires no installation and can be placed anywhere you like, be it your bedroom, study room, dining area or kitchen. Simply connect the Waterdrop A1 and enjoy clean, filtered water without the need for complicated setup processes or plumbing.

6 stages deep filtration with dual UV sterilizer

Waterdrop A1 features a comprehensive 6-stage deep filtration system that excels at removing sediment, rust, large particles, color, odor and chlorine from water. High efficiency 0.0001μm RO membrane and UV sterilization intercept heavy metals, bacteria, pesticide residues and organic matter, ensuring clean water for drinking or cooking.

The smart OLED screen facilitates smart touch control

The OLED smart display provides an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to monitor and control important information by touch such as filter life, water volume, TDS, and water temperature. This feature ensures that you stay informed and can effortlessly improve distributor performance. The filter life indicator notifies you when it’s time to replace the filter, ensuring that you continue to have access to clean, fresh water.

High craftsmanship and customization

Waterdrop A1 offers the flexibility of six temperature options (41°F / ambient / 113°F / 140°F / 185°F / 203°F) and five water volume settings (4/8/16/20 oz/max) to meet Drinking water requirements for all family members. Whether you prefer a steaming cup of tea, a refreshing glass of ice water, or preparing formula for baby, the Waterdrop A1 caters to your individual needs, offering customized water options for any occasion.

Moreover, Waterdrop A1 offers multiple mode options, night mode to ensure energy saving and noise reduction, outdoor mode to achieve emptying of standing water and altitude mode to allow boiling point correction.

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Efficiency and security

The Waterdrop A1 features a low 2:1 discharge ratio and wastewater separation design, ensuring efficient water use while reducing waste. Equipped with NSF 372 (National Sanitation Foundation) certification, Waterdrop A1 follows a strict standard in water safety and delivers clean drinking water to ensure health and well-being.

Waterdrop A1 redefines convenience by instantly offering purified, hot and cold water options in one device. With its impressive 6-stage filtration performance and double UV sterilizer, A1 delivers fresh cold water in 1 second and clear hot water in 3 seconds. It is a versatile and effective solution for all your hydration needs. Upgrade your drinking experience today and enjoy the convenience of hot and cold purified water at your fingertips with the Waterdrop A1.

Waterdrop A1 is now available in The official Waterdrop online store. Use code GEA1 and enjoy an exclusive $150 off.

About Waterdrop:

Waterdrop is an innovative brand dedicated to improving global water quality. It specializes in developing effective water purifiers that aim to provide safe and clean drinking water, ensuring the health and well-being of you and your family. ‘With a wide range of water filtration products, a global market presence, and a solid reputation for excellence, Waterdrop has become the trusted choice for families looking for reliable and convenient solutions to their drinking water needs. Count on Waterdrop to be your expert in water filtration, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to clean, refreshing water for you and your family.

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